A future with countless possibilities

Expansion equals opportunity, and our company experiences steady growth. As we continuously evolve, so does our team. New positions, new projects, even new countries… your career path is not predetermined. Your passion, curiosity and dedication shape your growth journey. EasyPark rewards courage, and as long as you are willing to collaborate, step out of your comfort zone, learn from your mistakes, and embrace change together with your colleagues, your growth potential is limitless.

Meet some of our EasyParkers

Ray, Customer Care

Growing together. Having fun at work isn’t the only thing keeping Ray at EasyPark. He appreciates the opportunity to work together and grow as a team.

Robert, Business Development

Improve and grow. Twelve years on, and Robert is still able to develop and upgrade himself and his career at EasyPark.

Alexandra, Engineering

Take on a new challenge and go with it. Alexandra began in a back-end development team at EasyPark, and from there an opportunity was presented to take on further responsibilities to grow and develop.

We are a team of diverse individuals working together with a shared belief in the EasyPark values of Customer Love, Change, Courage and Collaboration. We value togetherness, encourage innovation, reward curiosity and embrace differences in people.


We love cities! Together, we innovate and create digital solutions to one of the most challenging aspects of urban life: parking. Through technology, we improve the urban experience, making it more functional, sustainable and enjoyable. Our vision: to make cities more livable.


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